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Storing Birdseed: Three Easy Ways

Last Updated on November 7, 2021 by Nancie

Birdseed Stored in Plastic Bins

How should you store birdseed for backyard birds? You want to keep it clean and dry but also secure so other wildlife doesn’t get into the seed. And you want it to be convenient and easy to access. Here is how I store my birdseed.

Note: Because I recently changed how I store my birdseed, I updated my original post to add a third way to store seed. This replaces the previous post.

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Mess Under Nyjer Feeders

Last Updated on July 18, 2021 by Nancie

(American Goldfinches Drop a Lot of Seed and Shell Under Nyjer Feeders)

American Goldfinches, while wonderful birds, can create quite a mess under feeders when they arrive in a large flock. This year’s flock in my yard is huge. I already figured out how to solve the mess they made under the sunflower heart feeders. Now I’m working on the mess under njyer feeders.

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Goldfinches Dropping Sunflower Seed on Ground

Last Updated on July 18, 2021 by Nancie

American Goldfinches Eating Sunflower Seed
(American Goldfinches Eating Sunflower Seed)

American Goldfinches have been dropping a LOT of sunflower seed on the ground under my feeders. While some dropped seed gets eaten, some goes to waste. And sunflower hearts turn to mush on wet ground, making them an expensive mess. As always, it helps to first watch just what is happening at your feeders and then decide what to do.

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