Nuisance Birds Use Baffles to Get Suet

Grackle on baffled Shepherd's hook feeder pole where suet is hung
Clever Grackle Uses Baffle to Get to Suet Feeder

Common Grackles and European Starlings can be a nuisance on suet feeders, especially in late winter and spring. Since I’ve switched to using upside-down suet feeders, they usually don’t cause too much of a problem. But sometimes grackles can still get a little crazy. They can’t hang from feeders for long, but if there is a little flock of them, they can take turns. Lots of little bits of time dangling on a feeder can add up and they are aggressive toward other birds. But I have a trick to keep nuisance birds off suet on poles!

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Erva Feeder Pole Extensions

Bird Feeder Pole Extensions
Bird Feeder Pole Extensions

When I purchased a new bird feeder, I wanted to hang it from my Erva dual shepherd’s hook pole, but I had a small problem.. The feeder was so tall that it would hang lower than the top of the pole’s squirrel baffle. Talking with the folks at my local bird store (Mother Natures in Columbia Maryland) I learned I could purchase extensions for the poles I have to make them taller.

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