More Expensive Birdseed

Birdseed More Expensive This Winter?

Birdseed has gotten more expensive. According to the National Audubon society, the drought that hit the US West and Great Plains last year reportedly heavily impacted seed crops causing birdseed prices to rise. So what can we bird watchers do? Here are a few strategies to cope with rising birdseed prices.

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Storing Birdseed: Three Easy Ways

Birdseed Stored in Plastic Bins

How should you store birdseed for backyard birds? You want to keep it clean and dry but also secure so other wildlife doesn’t get into the seed. And you want it to be convenient and easy to access. Here is how I store my birdseed.

Note: Because I recently changed how I store my birdseed, I updated my original post to add a third way to store seed. This replaces the previous post.

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