Simple Inexpensive Birdbath

Erva Wire Frame Birdbath
Erva Wire Frame Birdbath: Simple & Inexpensive

I recently bought this simple inexpensive Erva birdbath. Its thick metal wire frame is easy to stick into the ground. A shallow plastic dish insert fits on top. The birdbath is easy to set up, easy to move as needed, low priced and you can even turn it into a heated birdbath for winter months.

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

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My Favorite Birdbath: Studio-M Birdbath Art Pole

Studio-M Birdbath Artpole "Butterfly Haven" version
Studio-M Birdbath Artpole “Butterfly Haven”

I currently have five birdbaths in my yard. Two are DIY, another is an old tiny decorative metal birdbath and one hangs off my front porch rail. But this Studio-M Birdbath Art Pole is my favorite birdbath. It is very popular with the birds too. Here’s why.

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