A Seed Squirrels Won’t Eat?

Squirrel Eating Sunflower Seed

Is there really a seed that squirrels won’t eat? Squirrels can drive a backyard bird watcher a bit crazy. How can you keep squirrels from eating all the seed in your bird feeders? You might wonder if the solution is a seed squirrels won’t eat. Well, there is one seed that squirrels don’t eat. The catch? It attracts a very limited variety of birds. I do have a better suggestion though.

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Solving Suet and Suet Feeder Problems

Red-Belllied Woodpecker Eating Suet
Red-Bellied Woodpecker Eating Suet

After putting out suet in my yard successfully for many years, I have solved many suet problems. Offering suet is deceptively simple . . . if you pick the right feeder and right location. You want to keep squirrels and raccoons out of the suet and keep starlings and grackles from eating it all, while still keeping woodpeckers and other suet loving birds happy.

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