Apps to ID Birds in Mexico

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Are you planning a trip to Mexico (or are on one)? Do you want to identify birds you see? If you have a smartphone, I can suggest four birding apps to help ID Birds in Mexico. One you need to purchase, another is a low cost monthly subscription and two are free.

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Birds Seen in Mexico

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Great Kiskadee seen in Tulum Mexico
Great Kiskadee

Visiting Mexico, you can see wonderfully interesting birds. So how do you identify birds common to parts of the Yucatan, like Cancun, Tulum, Progresso or Merida? I’ve got some pictures to help. Read on!

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My Four Favorite Birding Apps

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Warbler Guide birding app Bird Screen
Warbler Guide App Bird Screen

If you enjoy watching birds and have a smart phone, there are wonderful apps that will enrich your birding. They can help you figure out where to find interesting birds in the area. Or they can be a field guide in your pocket so you can figure out what that bird is in front of you. Even if you just want to keep a log of birds you’ve seen, there are apps to make it easy. The wealth of birding resources that you can fit in your pocket is amazing. These are my four favorite birding apps that I use every week.

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