Tufted Titmouse in Nest Box

Tufted Titmouse Parent on Nest Box
(Tufted Titmouse Parent on Nest Box)

Tufted Titmouse Nest Box: Like many backyard birdwatchers, we have a nest box intended for bluebirds but we really can’t know who will claim the box each year. Over several years, this particular box has hosted House Wrens, Eastern Bluebirds and this year, a Tufted Titmouse family. It was an eventful month. This is what happened.

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A Baltimore Oriole Who Didn’t Migrate

Juvenile Male Baltimore Oriole on Feeder
Juvenile Male Baltimore Oriole On Feeder

It is January in Maryland and I have a Baltimore Oriole hanging out in my back yard. Most orioles migrate south in the winter, although each year a rare few stick it out through the Mid-Atlantic winter (and even more northern spots) and don’t migrate.

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A juvenile male, this Baltimore Oriole showed up in my yard on December 23rd as I was cooking for our upcoming Christmas Eve celebration. I wondered why this Baltimore Oriole didn’t migrate and what in the world it could be eating. He’s come by at least daily ever since. While I still don’t know why he didn’t migrate with the rest, I have learned of at least some of this oriole’s unusual winter diet.

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Bluebird Fledgling Stories

Bluebird Fledgling in Tree
Bluebird Fledgling in Tree

For the past week, Eastern Bluebirds have been bringing their fledglings to our feeder for dried mealworms. It’s been an eventful week. So far the parents have introduced them to the mealworm feeder. Two fledglings discovered a sprinkler. And one fledgling almost strangled himself in a feeder pole.

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