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Last Updated on January 6, 2024 by Nancie

I’ve made some changes to my bird blog that I’d like to let you know about. Here is what you need to know:

Bird Blog Gets a New Home

My biggest news is that I’ve moved my bird watching blog from the website to its very own new home: . The name of the blog and the name of the site now match, which makes much more sense!

Note: My Vamp Stamp News stamping blog closed on 1/1/2024.

If you have links to this blog in your browser or Pinterest or wherever, you’ll probably want to update them. (If you use an old link, it should redirect you to the new site, but might slow you down just a little.)

So if you want to update a link you’ve been using to get to the blog:

Paste in the new part of the address in place of the old part of the address. (Or just make a fresh new bookmark.)

The rest of the address after that is the post or page name. That stays the same.

Previous Posts Updated

I’ve been posting to this blog for three years now and some of the older posts needed work. If you have read each post as it came out over the years, you might never have revisited them. But a lot of readers hop into older posts from a search engine. And some older posts are still quite popular.

So I’ve gone through every single one and updated them to make sure they are current. In a few cases, I’ve expanded on them to make them better too. (Well, at least I think so! LOL)

You will now see now two dates at the top of each post. The first is when it was originally created and published. The second is the date it was most recently updated.

Streamlined Previous Posts

Over the past several months, I’ve also worked to streamline my previous posts. I tend to get wordy and sometimes my posts can meander. Yes, my posts still have a lot of text, but I’ve tightened them up to make them easier to read and gotten rid of at least some of the meandering. You will also find more subheadings to make it easier to find something if you just want to scan down a post page.

A Few Posts Split Up

I’ve also split a handful of posts in two. As I was updating posts, I came across a few with fairly large side topics that would be easier to find if they were in their own post.

If you subscribe to the blog, you may have noticed that a small handful of these “newer” posts over the past couple of months were the result of these splits. In some cases, I did a little re-writing and expanded on the topic a little.

If you are looking for a particular topic on my bird blog, you can still use the search at the top of each page to filter the blog feed. Alternatively, you now can click on Post Categories in the top menu to go to a page to see all the categories and subcategories. If you click on one of these, it filters the blog feed, showing you only posts in that category or subcategory.

So you might try the Nuisance Birds category or Squirrels or maybe Suet for instance. Or try Bird Feeder Reviews or Birdbaths.

Let Me Know If You Find Any Errors!

With so many changes, it is easy for errors to creep in. I’ve tried to triple-check everything, but if you come across an error or have a problem, please let me know. Post a comment below or send me an email through the Contact page. I would deeply appreciate it and I’ll fix it right away for you. Thanks.

Back to Writing About Birds!

Now that I’ve gotten this blog housekeeping done, I am eager to get back to writing more about birds. If you are a blog subscriber, watch your email for alerts when a new post goes up. If you haven’t yet subscribed, fill out the subscription form below and that will get you set up!

Good Wishes and Thanks For Reading


My Original Birding Blog Post: This blog was created in December 2015. Here is my first post about Yet Another Bird Blog About Birds. Also see: Recent Birdseed & Binoculars Blog Changes.

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  1. I enjoy taking photographs of birds in nature and in my backyard. It brings me peace every day. Thanks. Greg

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