Erva Feeder Pole Extensions

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Bird Feeder Pole Extensions
Bird Feeder Pole Extensions

When I purchased a new bird feeder, I wanted to hang it from my Erva dual shepherd’s hook pole, but I had a small problem.. The feeder was so tall that it would hang lower than the top of the pole’s squirrel baffle. Talking with the folks at my local bird store (Mother Natures in Columbia Maryland) I learned I could purchase extensions for the poles I have to make them taller.

Erva 18″ Extensions

The poles I use are from Erva. They actually call them “Wrought Iron Staffs”.  Each staff has two shepherd hooks on top, so I purchased two 18″ $7.99 metal extension pieces for each pole. (Note: Checking Amazon, I see them listed but the price is higher. You can also see them on Erva’s website.)

Pole Extension and Hook
Pole Extension and Hook

To use them, simply take the shepherd’s hook off the top of the existing pole. Slide the extension into the bottom of the hook piece. Then put that back into the slots on the pole. Instant height.

Erva Staff with Extensions
Erva Staff with Extensions

Now my poles have enough height on top to allow me to hang taller feeders. Simple. Easy. If you have this type of pole and find you need more height, check this out.


Note: The information in this post was originally part of another post: Woodlink Squirrel-Proof Seed Tube Feeder Review. I’ve split it out to streamline that post and make this information easier to find.

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