Bombay Hook Fall Birding Trip

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Birds: Fall American Avocets at Bombay Hook (Photo: Nancie Waterman)
Fall American Avocets at Bombay Hook

Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge is a wonderful birding spot. Visiting the refuge for the first time was a great experience. The water in the pools was low, probably due to our recent drought, so this mid-October day was a time of shorebirds. Most of the winter ducks and the geese had not yet arrived.

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When Grackles Don’t Leave

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Common Grackle at Squirrel Buster Plus (Perches Removed)
Common Grackle Hovers at Bird Feeder

This year, the spring grackles didn’t leave. Every year, we get flocks of nuisance birds, including Common Grackles, in late winter and early spring. In my area, some of these grackles are year-round residents but more northern-based grackles do also migrate through the area, increasing their numbers. They usually only cause problems for a few weeks. This year was different.

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