Best Hanging Squirrel Baffle

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A Frustrated Squirrel Can't Get Past the Baffle
A Frustrated Squirrel Can’t Get Past the Baffle

If you hang a bird feeder from a tree, you want the best hanging squirrel baffle you can get. To keep squirrels from eating most of the food you put out for birds, you need a truly squirrel-proof feeder or a really good baffle or better yet, both. Don’t just buy whatever you see labeled “baffle” and expect it to work. Here is what to look for in a good baffle.

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Apps to ID Birds in Mexico

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Are you planning a trip to Mexico (or are already there)? Do you want to identify birds you see? If you have a smartphone, I can suggest four birding apps to help ID Birds in Mexico. One you need to purchase, another is a low cost monthly subscription and two are free.

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