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Last Updated on October 19, 2020 by Nancie

Blue Jay Eating a Peanut
Blue Jay Eating a Peanut

Just a quick FYI: I have just finished some improvements to the Birdseed & Binoculars blog. As well as prettying things up a bit, I’ve also made it easier for you to find topics you are looking for. Here is what’s new.

New Home Page With Visual Blog Categories

I’ve added a home page that now sits on top of the blog posts. While you can always still go straight to the blog instead, the new home page adds an easy way to filter blog posts by topic categories.

The home page has a visual index of top blog categories. Click on the link for the category that interests you to filter the blog to only posts within that category. So for example, you might choose to view only posts about Squirrels or only posts about Bird Feeders.

Recent Comments in Footers

Sometimes you can learn more about a post’s topic by reading the comments. But how do you know if a post has gotten a new comment? You can always subscribe to comments at the bottom of the post itself to get an email whenever a new comment is posted. But now you can also check the “Recent Comments” section in the blog’s footer to see what’s new over the whole blog.

Updated Blog Posts

I update posts on the blog all the time as something covered in a post changes or I learn more. So don’t think that just because you read a post months ago that there is nothing new. You can see when a post was most recently changed by the date at the top of the post. (Please note that while usually the change is in added or updated content, sometimes it might be a more cosmetic change. But even when I make only a small change, I re-read the post to make sure the info is still up-to-date.)

Reminder: Gifts Ideas Post

By the way, many people are apparently considering doing their holiday shopping a little early this year. If you are and need ideas for a bird lover, check out my Gifts for Birders & Birdwatchers post. It includes links to my reviews of the various suggestions as well as Amazon and other sources where you can find what you are looking for.

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