Watching the Birds Rise

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White-Throated Sparrow
Early Morning White-Throated Sparrow

There is something very special about watching a new day begin. From quiet darkness, to the first early chirps, to the first few winged visitors, building to the busy activity of dozens, the local birds are a big part of the start of each new day. If you pay attention, you are likely to see patterns in the bird activity in your yard. Every yard is different and every day is different, but this is the pattern I see on a typical winter morning in my yard.

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Where to Buy Bird Seed?

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Fifty-Pound Bags of Birdseed
Fifty-Pound Bags of Seed: Nyjer, Black-Oil Sunflower, Safflower & Sunflower Hearts

Today is my day to buy seed for the birds. When I first got into feeding birds in a big way, I bought a small bag here and another there. At the grocery store. The hardware store. Wherever seed could be found in my usual errand rounds. But when you feed birds regularly, you need to shop around for quality and price. Figure out how much you actually use each month. Buying in larger quantities from the right sources can save you money.

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