Should Bird Feeders Always Be Kept Full?

Bird Feeders
(Bird Feeders)

Filling Feeders: Should you keep your bird feeder full at all times? Or should you only add seed when it is completely empty? I’ve been experimenting a bit with this and my conclusion is that how full you should keep your feeder depends on feeder type and sometimes weather. You can also somewhat control the feeder area’s bird density by adjusting seed availability among several feeders.

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Should You Feed Birds in Summer?

Carolina Wren
(Carolina Wren)

Some people say you should not feed birds in the summer and yet many people do feed birds year round. So should you feed backyard birds in the summer? How do you decide? Here is how I think about it.

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Mess Under Nyjer Feeders

(American Goldfinches Drop a Lot of Seed and Shell Under Nyjer Feeders)

American Goldfinches, while wonderful birds, can create quite a mess under feeders when they arrive in a large flock. This year’s flock in my yard is huge. I already figured out how to solve the mess they made under the sunflower heart feeders. Now I’m working on the mess under njyer feeders.

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