Light Feeder Blowing on a Windy Day

Male Eastern Bluebird on Feeder
Male Eastern Bluebird on Feeder

One thing spring brings to the Mid-Atlantic is wind. Some times things can get a bit crazy. When the wind is blowing in the twenty or so mile per hour range, feeders sway a lot. When wind gusts over thirty miles per hour, bird feeder baffles start kiting around and the feeders move with them. Birds can deal with a certain amount of feeder movement (they are used to moving tree branches after all), but there is a point when a feeders are blowing around violently enough that a bird (or even a person) could get hurt. 

I have a strategy I use to keep feeders from blowing whenever winds pick up that works quite well in my yard. I described it in this post: Bird Feeder Baffles in the Wind. But I am now also using a very small feeder for mealworms. For this particular feeder, I needed to use a different strategy.

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Ways To Keep Squirrels Off Feeders

Squirrel Peeking Over a Baffle at A Squirrel Buster Feeder. The baffle keeps him out.

The secret to keeping squirrels out of a bird feeder is to use a baffle and locate it well. I have two dozen bird feeders in my yard and squirrels do not get into ANY of my feeders! You might think you have to accept squirrels eating at your feeders. But after many years feeding birds, I have found that you don’t have to give into squirrels. You CAN keep squirrels out of bird feeders.

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