Unexpected Birds in Caged Bird Feeders

Gray Catbirds On and In a caged Feeder

What birds can you expect in a caged bird feeder and what unexpected birds might also use the feeder? You probably purchased the feeder to attract smaller birds that fit through the cage’s wire grid while blocking aggressive larger birds. But you might be surprised at some of the visitors.

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Mess Under Nyjer Feeders

(American Goldfinches Drop a Lot of Seed and Shell Under Nyjer Feeders)

American Goldfinches, while wonderful birds, can create quite a mess under feeders when they arrive in a large flock. This year’s flock in my yard is huge. I already figured out how to solve the mess they made under the sunflower heart feeders. Now I’m working on the mess under njyer feeders.

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How to Feed Ground-Feeding Birds in the Snow

Feeding White-Throated Sparrow & Dark-Eyed Juncos seed under a patio umbrella in the snow
(White-Throated Sparrow & Dark-Eyed Juncos in the Snow Under a Patio Umbrella)

How do you feed ground-feeding birds like sparrows in heavy snow? If you toss some seed on the ground as usual, it might be snow-covered within minutes. Birds won’t be able to see it and so might find it challenging to eat. The solution? Provide some cover!

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