Best Hanging Squirrel Baffle

A Frustrated Squirrel Can't Get Past the Baffle
A Frustrated Squirrel Can’t Get Past the Squirrel Baffle

If you hang a bird feeder from a tree, you need the best hanging squirrel baffle you can get. To keep squirrels from eating most of the food you put out for birds, you need a truly squirrel-proof feeder or a really good squirrel baffle or better yet, both. Don’t just buy whatever you see labeled “baffle” and expect it to work. Here is what to look for in a good squirrel baffle.

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Erva Feeder Pole Extensions

Bird Feeder Pole Extensions
Bird Feeder Pole Extensions

When I purchased a new bird feeder, I wanted to hang it from my Erva dual shepherd’s hook pole, but I had a small problem.. The feeder was so tall that it would hang lower than the top of the pole’s squirrel baffle. Talking with the folks at my local bird store (Mother Natures in Columbia Maryland) I learned I could purchase extensions for the poles I have to make them taller.

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