Erva Feeder Pole Extensions

Bird Feeder Pole Extensions
Bird Feeder Pole Extensions

Do you need to make your Erva Shepherds Staff pole higher? When I purchased a new bird feeder, I wanted to hang it from my Erva dual shepherd’s hook pole, but I had a small problem. The feeder was so tall that it would hang lower than the top of the pole’s squirrel baffle. But talking with the folks at my local bird store (Mother Natures in Columbia Maryland) I learned I could purchase extensions for the poles I have to make them taller.

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How Many Bird Feeders Do I Need?

Many Bird Feeders in My Yard
How Many Feeders Do I Need?

If you are just starting to feed backyard birds, you might wonder how many feeders you need. There isn’t one right answer. And really, it is largely up to you. You could choose a single feeder or a dozen. My advice is to start with one feeder and see how it goes. Add more if you find you enjoy feeding birds and if you want to feed more birds or more types of birds.

Here are some feeder suggestions to get you started. (All are feeders I have personally used in my own yard.)

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