Maryland Backyard Birds

Northern Cardinal

What birds can you expect to see in a Maryland backyard? While every property is different with its own mix of birds, many are pretty typical. These are the Maryland backyard birds commonly seen in our central Maryland yard.

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Fish Crows: Fast Food Junkies!

Fish Crow Eating French Fries
Fish Crow Eating French Fries

In our suburban Maryland yard, a pair of Fish Crows has nested each spring/early summer for the past few years. Many of the other birds are not that crazy about the Fish Crows. I understand they sometimes will eat the eggs and nestlings of other birds. So I do understand the animosity.

But even so, I must admit that I really like the Fish Crows. They are some of my favorite birds in the yard. They are smart and social and will sometimes interact with me (when food is involved) so I enjoy them and encourage them in the yard.

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Summer Backyard Birds

Blue Jay in a tree in the backyard
Blue Jay

Summer backyard birds can be a more relaxed crowd. While some may be raising a second brood of young, there are more food sources around. They come to the feeders, but are less urgent.

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