Trying Nutra-Saff (Golden Safflower) Again

Nutrasaff or "Golden Safflower"
Nutrasaff or “Golden Safflower”

Years ago I saw a bag of Nutra-Saff (sometimes called “Golden Safflower”) on a store shelf and gave this version of safflower a try. None of the birds in my yard seemed impressed. Eventually it got eaten but not enthusiastically, so I didn’t buy more of it. But recently, after writing a post on How to Choose Birdseed For Backyard Birds, I started thinking about it and decided to give Nutra-Saff another try.

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Where to Put Bird Feeders: Spread Them Out!

Spread out Backyard Bird Feeders

Where should you put your bird feeders? To attract the widest variety of birds, spread out your bird feeders if you can. Too many feeders right on top of each other, each appealing to different types of birds, creates congestion. This increases conflict as species and personal spaces overlap.

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My DIY Anti House Sparrow Halo

Wired Bird Feeder to Deter House Sparrows
Wired Bird Feeder to Deter House Sparrows

This past winter brought a small flock of House Sparrows to my yard. This spring brought a little group of Eastern Bluebirds. House Sparrows compete with bluebirds for nest cavities. They kill bluebirds (eggs, nestlings and adults) in the nest and then build their own nest on top of them. So these non-native sparrows need to go. 

You can find all my attempts to get these sparrows to move on in my “Deterring House Sparrows” post. But read on if you’d like more information on one my experiments: a DIY anti-sparrow bird feeder halo. This halo was inspired by the “Magic Halo” that folks at the University of Nebraska devised. If you poke around online, you’ll find lots of people have made their own versions of this device. This is how I made mine.

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