Hawks & Flocks: Predators at Bird Feeders

Juvenile Cooper's Hawk Eating a House Finch
(Juvenile Cooper’s Hawk Eating a House Finch)

Sooner or later you will probably see a hawk at your bird feeders. When a hawk hunts at feeders, feeder birds will react. And maybe you will react too! What will birds do? What will you do?

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Maryland Backyard Birds

Northern Cardinal

What birds can you expect to see in a Maryland backyard? While every property is different with its own mix of birds, many are pretty typical. These are the Maryland backyard birds commonly seen in our central Maryland yard.

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56 Cedar Waxwings At A Birdbath

Cedar Waxwings at A Birdbath
Cedar Waxwings at Front Birdbath

Usually I’m not thrilled when huge flocks of birds descend on the yard, displacing our “regulars” from feeders and birdbaths. But when fifty-six (at least!) Cedar Waxwings visited, I was happily excited. Unlike big flocks of Common Grackles, European Starlings and Brown-Headed Cowbirds, this crowd was not aggressive towards the other birds and didn’t displace them. They didn’t want anything from the feeders after all. They didn’t mess with the other birds and the other birds didn’t mess with them. They were just there to drink.

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