Best Hanging Squirrel Baffle

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A Frustrated Squirrel Can't Get Past the Baffle
A Frustrated Squirrel Can’t Get Past the Baffle

If you hang a bird feeder from a tree, you want the best hanging squirrel baffle you can get. To keep squirrels from eating most of the food you put out for birds, you need a truly squirrel-proof feeder or a really good baffle or better yet, both. Don’t just buy whatever you see labeled “baffle” and expect it to work. Here is what to look for in a good baffle.

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A Seed Squirrels Won’t Eat?

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Squirrel Eating Sunflower Seed

Squirrels can drive a backyard bird watcher a bit crazy. How can you keep squirrels from eating all the seed you put out for birds? You might wonder if the solution is a seed squirrels won’t eat. Well, there is one seed, but unless you want a very limited variety of birds, it’s probably not the solution you hope for. I do have a better suggestion though.

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Keep Squirrels Out of Feeders

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Squirrel Peeking Over a Baffle at A Squirrel Buster Feeder. The baffle keeps him out.
Squirrel Peeking Over a Baffle at A Squirrel Buster Feeder

When a squirrel decides your bird feeder is full of food put out just for him, what can you do? You might think you have to accept that when you feed birds that squirrels be eating at your feeders. But after many years feeding birds, I have found that you don’t have to give into them. To keep squirrels out of feeders, you need to observe how they are getting into the feeder(s), think creatively and be willing to try a variety solutions. You CAN keep squirrels out of bird feeders.

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