Photographing Birds at Magee Marsh (Coolpix p900)

Palm Warbler at East End of the Boardwalk
Palm Warbler at East End of the Boardwalk (Nancie Waterman / p900)

Photographing Birds at Magee Marsh: In May, Jim and I took our birding on the road. We headed off to “The Biggest Week in American Birding” festival and to see warblers at Magee Marsh near Lake Erie in Ohio. We spent a solid week birding at the marsh and around the area and loved the adventure. During our time there, we saw 101 species of birds and added 27 to our birding life list.

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Birding At Magee Marsh

Magee Marsh Boardwalk East Entrance Sign
The East Entrance to Magee Marsh

Each May, northern Ohio’s Magee Marsh is a magnet for birders who want to see a wide number of warblers and other migrants up close. Local Ohio birders make the trip even more worthwhile by throwing The Biggest Week in American Birding festival. It falls during the height of warbler migration, with all kinds of activities held at area birding hotspots. If you are a birder, it really is an awesome adventure.

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Common Yellowthroat Visit

Juvenile Male Common Yellowthroat hunts bugs in herb garden
Juvenile Male Common Yellowthroat in the Sage

Yesterday, a juvenile Common Yellowthroat unexpectedly visited my yard. Here in Maryland, we are at the very end of the annual fall warbler migration. There are still a few stragglers around. But most have already passed through on their way to warmer winter quarters well to the south.

Yesterday though, I was sitting on my back step watching birds and came across this little Common Yellowthroat. He had faint black patches on his cheeks, so I think he is a juvenile male who hasn’t gotten his full dark black mask yet.

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