How to Feed Ground-Feeding Birds in the Snow

Feeding White-Throated Sparrow & Dark-Eyed Juncos seed under a patio umbrella in the snow
(White-Throated Sparrow & Dark-Eyed Juncos in the Snow Under a Patio Umbrella)

How do you feed ground-feeding birds like sparrows in heavy snow? If you toss some seed on the ground as usual, it might be snow-covered within minutes. Birds won’t be able to see it and so might find it challenging to eat. The solution? Provide some cover!

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Maryland Backyard Birds

Northern Cardinal

What birds can you expect to see in a Maryland backyard? While every property is different with its own mix of birds, many are pretty typical. These are the Maryland backyard birds commonly seen in our central Maryland yard.

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The Dark-Eyed Juncos Head North

Spring Dark-Eyed Junco
Spring Dark-Eyed Junco

Dark-Eyed Juncos, the “snow birds,” show up in our yard every fall and spend the winter with us. They are always a busy addition to the yard, eating seed I offer them and flying across the yard, flashing their black and white tail feathers. It always makes me smile when they arrive.

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