Solving Suet and Suet Feeder Problems

Red-Belllied Woodpecker Eating Suet
Red-Bellied Woodpecker Eating Suet

After putting out suet in my yard successfully for many years, I have solved many suet problems. Offering suet is deceptively simple . . . if you pick the right feeder and right location. You want to keep squirrels and raccoons out of the suet and keep starlings and grackles from eating it all, while still keeping woodpeckers and other suet loving birds happy.

Estimated reading time: 15 minutes

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Erva’s Bluebird Feeder & Dried Mealworms

Eastern Bluebird in Adjusted Erva Starling Proof Mealworm Feeder
Eastern Bluebird in Adjusted Mealworm Feeder

Sometimes a feeder works great right out of the box. But sometimes you need to make adjustments. I use Erva’s Starling Proof Mealworm Feeder to offer dried mealworms to Eastern Bluebirds and Carolina Wrens. I like this bluebird feeder very much, but I think it is designed for live mealworms rather than dried. You might not think that would make a difference but it does. I needed to make a change to use Erva’s mealworm feeder with dried mealworms. (Don’t worry, it’s easy.)

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

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Gifts For Birdwatchers & Birders

Watching a Purple Finch Watching Me
Watching a Purple Finch Watching Me

Need gift ideas for a birder or a backyard birdwatcher? Or maybe you are a bird lover yourself and want gift ideas to hint to someone else. Whether for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, a birthday or a holiday gift, here are some ideas to make a birder or bird watcher smile.

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