Landscaping For Birds: Planning

Backyard Flowers
Backyard Flowers in Last Summer’s Flower Garden

Here in Maryland, we’ve had that little March taste of spring that tries to trick you into going to the local nursery to buy plants. Although local nurseries start gearing up in March, it is really a month too early to start planting most things around here. So to feed my spring fever and keep myself from impulse purchases, I am instead working on my plans to landscape my yard to create more habitat for birds (as well as look really cool.) Planning such a project is a little intimidating but is also interesting and a lot of fun.

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The Birds You Don’t See

American Robin
American Robin

Even spending a lot of time watching, I’ve learned there is all kinds of bird activity going on in my yard that I never see. We focus on the birds we see, but what about the birds we don’t see?

Just today, as it was getting dark, I happened to glance outside and realized the front yard was full of American Robins. I counted twenty-four, although there may have been more in the darkening yard. The robins were spread out over the whole front yard doing their quick scurry, pause and listen, scurry again dance. The were turning over leaves and excavating here and there, looking for choice insects.

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