How to Feed Ground-Feeding Birds in the Snow

Feeding White-Throated Sparrow & Dark-Eyed Juncos seed under a patio umbrella in the snow
(White-Throated Sparrow & Dark-Eyed Juncos in the Snow Under a Patio Umbrella)

How do you feed ground-feeding birds like sparrows in heavy snow? If you toss some seed on the ground as usual, it might be snow-covered within minutes. Birds won’t be able to see it and so might find it challenging to eat. The solution? Provide some cover!

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Trying Nutra-Saff (Golden Safflower) Again

Nutrasaff or "Golden Safflower"
Nutrasaff or “Golden Safflower”

Years ago I saw a bag of Nutra-Saff (sometimes called “Golden Safflower”) on a store shelf and gave this version of safflower a try. None of the birds in my yard seemed impressed. Eventually it got eaten but not enthusiastically, so I didn’t buy more of it. But recently, after writing a post on How to Choose Birdseed For Backyard Birds, I started thinking about it and decided to give Nutra-Saff another try.

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