Common Yellowthroat Visit

Juvenile Male Common Yellowthroat hunts bugs in herb garden
Juvenile Male Common Yellowthroat in the Sage

Yesterday, a juvenile Common Yellowthroat unexpectedly visited my yard. Here in Maryland, we are at the very end of the annual fall warbler migration. There are still a few stragglers around. But most have already passed through on their way to warmer winter quarters well to the south.

Yesterday though, I was sitting on my back step watching birds and came across this little Common Yellowthroat. He had faint black patches on his cheeks, so I think he is a juvenile male who hasn’t gotten his full dark black mask yet.

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Birding at Patuxent Research Refuge North Tract

Killdeer on One of the Little Islands on Patuxent North Tract's Merganser Pond
Killdeer on One of the Little Islands on Merganser Pond

One of our favorite ways to spend time is birding at Patuxent Research Refuge’s North Tract. Over the past year, Jim and I have been gradually exploring birding spots here in central Maryland. Birds can be found just about anywhere, including your backyard, roadsides and area parking lots. But birds need food, cover, places to nest and water. So spots where these needs are met in abundance are hot spots where you are likely to find more birds.

In our immediate area, one of the best is Patuxent Research Refuge. The refuge straddles Anne Arundel and Prince Georges Counties about mid-way between DC and Baltimore.) If you live in this area or are visiting and want to get in some birding, it is a great place to go birding.

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