Choosing and Maintaining Heated Birdbaths

Evra Heated Bird Bath
Evra Heated Birdbath

As in large parts of the US, it has been bitterly cold here in Maryland. My bird feeders are hopping with birds, as are the birdbaths. When everything else is frozen solid, a heated birdbath is a big draw for birds . . . and OK, also squirrels and neighborhood cats. Everyone is looking for a place to get a drink. To keep birds coming, you need to choose your birdbath well and maintain it!

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American Robin Interesting Facts

American Robin
American Robin

When you see a American Robins, you might think, “Spring!” But these very common birds are around all year long in much of the United States. While some in the north do migrate southward, in many areas, they stick around if there is food to be found.

Their behavior changes in the spring, which is probably why we tend to notice them more as the days start to lengthen and the weather warms. I thought today, the first day of spring, would be a good day to share some interesting tidbits about robins.

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Prepping Birdbaths For Winter

A Junco, House Finch and Sparrow Enjoying a Warm Birdbath Last Winter
A Junco, House Finch and Sparrow Enjoying a Warm Birdbath Last Winter

All birds need water. If you make it available year-round, you’ll find that it can be as much of an attraction as putting out seed or suet. In fact, birds that might have no interest in eating at a feeder may come to visit your yard if there is water. Providing water when the temperatures dip into freezing levels, requires some adjustments, but it isn’t hard.

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