Watching the Birds Rise

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White-Throated Sparrow
Early Morning White-Throated Sparrow

There is something very special about watching a new day begin. From quiet darkness, to the first early chirps, to the first few winged visitors, building to the busy activity of dozens, local birds are a big part of the start of each new day. If you pay attention, you are likely to see patterns in bird activity in your yard. Every yard is different and every day is different, but this is the pattern I see on a typical winter morning in my yard.

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Put a Ground Feeder on a Pole

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This "Fly-Through" Platform Feeder Used to Be a Ground Feeder
This “Fly-Through” Platform Feeder Used to Be a Ground Feeder

Each new season brings changes to the bird dynamics in the yard. So I tend to do some tweaking of the bird feeders or their placement each season. To reduce the amount of seed winding up in squirrel bellies, I decided to turn a ground platform feeder into a platform feeder on a pole. The feeder I converted is a Birds Choice Fly-Through Platform Feeder.

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Summer Backyard Birds

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Blue Jay in a tree in the backyard
Blue Jay

Summer backyard birds can be a more relaxed crowd. While some may be raising a second brood of young, there are more food sources around. They come to the feeders, but are less urgent.

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